Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What We Are Growing 2013

We once again have our gardens planted here. It is so much fun every year to watch everything come up and grow and grown. Here are our gardens from previous years. 20102011
We have our two raised beds again this year.
The first has carrots, onions, and green beans. Our onions are going crazy!!!
The second has spinach, buttercrisp lettuce, and two tomato plants. We might add another tomato plant and a pepper plant.
We moved our herb boxes to the yard this year. We had them on the deck last year, but they got so much sun they crisped up and died. This one has basil.
This one has cilantro. I started the plants inside as seeds and transplanted them  a bit ago.

I planted a couple of mixed container sets in the front pots this year. They weren't looking too good right away, but they have settled in nicely.

And the wild flower garden is off to a good start. (If those are indeed flowers and not weeds.)
And here is the flower garden that started it all.
It has been a cool spring here, but the next week is supposed to be warm, so I am hoping for some good growth. It has also been rainy, which is good. Let nature take care of our plants. Keeps the water bill down and saves on some of the work.

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Emily said...

Looks great! I got a late start on our tomatoes with the move, but hoping they produce by August! Hope you'll update on your garden - and how you use what you grow!