Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Confession

I have something to admit to all of you. It has to do with seasons and Holidays and you may not all agree. For some reason, this year, I am all about Christmas. Normally I wait until after Thanksgiving to break out the Christmas cheer, but right now I am all about bringing on the jolliness. I have about 75% of my Christmas shopping done. I have the girls' Christmas dresses ready. Last week I bit the bullet and ordered our Christmas cards from Shutterfly.
Although I have yet to start decorating, I keep pinning and pinning items on Pinterest for Christmas. And I can't wait to start decking the halls here. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite pins for Christmas.
For Decorating:
1. I am loving this easy, yet beautiful, ribbon star from Beyond The Picket Fence. (Now if only I had a stash of old barn wood sitting around.)
2. Another simple and stunning little project. This candle scene is from this Swedish blog: http://tradgardsflow.blogspot.com/. (Lucky for me I already have some large glass hurricanes courtesy of my sister's wedding this summer and just picked up from burlap ribbon to complete the look.)
3. I love this frame with the ornaments as a wreath or hung somewhere on the wall. This is an image from Pinterest that is uploaded by a user. However, it was featured on the blog This Flourishing Life.
4. Another use for those glass hurricanes! Check out these great painted pine cones from Julie of Joy's Hope featured on Under the Sycamore. (Now if only I could find some pine cones that aren't cinnamon scented.)
5. I can't wait to try something like this with the old window I have hanging out in our living room. Check it and some other great ideas out at Funky Junk Interiors.

For Eating:
1. Wouldn't this be super fun at any Christmas party? I would imagine you take mini wieners and wrap them with crescents arranged in a circle on a baking sheet. (The link for this image is to a Christmas page from Oriental Trading that appears to be no longer available.)

For Kids:

For Crafting:


Jenny Pufahl said...

I agree with getting a head start. We already decorated the inside and outside of our house.

Lisa said...

Good for you for getting ahead! I'm not usually into starting early because it feels weird, but this year, I did too. It feels awesome to get so much stuff done early so I can be less stressed in December. My shopping is done - or done for everyone I can do now. (I'm waiting on some lists)

And THANK YOU for that xmas tree for kids! I love it! Great idea for toddlers who will ruin the real tree :)

April said...

When I was younger, I used to have all my shopping done before Thanksgiving-and this was in high school (and younger). One year in HS, I wrote a paper about going shopping on Black Fri and ended it with some line about shoppers going out to get their last-minute Christmas presents and my teacher wrote (HUH?!) in the sidelines. haha To me, that was last minute.