Monday, June 24, 2013

June, I'm Loving It

Another month, and another list of my loves. We are definitely enjoying summer in these parts, and this month my loves reflect just that.
1) Our Graco Double Stroller: We have an older Duo glide that we purchased off of Craigslist before Cream was born. The stroller is still working well for us even with over 60 pounds of kids in it. We have been using it every morning to transport Peachy to and from her park program in a timely manner. 
2) Lemonade: I love lemonade on a hot summer day. I always love Simply Lemonade, but recently purchased a three pack of a similar natural lemonade at Costco called Citrus Grove. And to prove that I am not a lemonade snob, I also purchase dry mix in addition to the frozen variety.
3) Our Cherry Pitter: I purchased an OXO cherry pitter at Target on clearance several years back and every summer, I am so thankful it did. It makes it supper easy to share one of my favorite summer treats with the girls, cherries. (There is a reason this blog is called Bowl of Cherrys!)
4) Outshine Fruit Popsicles: These are a healthier alternative to other popsicles. They are made with 100% fruit and no extra sugar. I am all for indulging in treats, but if you can, why not make them a little healthier? I enjoy these just as much as the girls on a hot summer day.

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