Monday, January 17, 2011

Kitchen Helper

Little Peachy received a very special Christmas gift from her grandpa. I have been wanting a way for Peachy to safely help me out in the kitchen. We have learned that she is not to be trusted standing, or sitting, on chairs. She will  bail off on a whim usually learning well the effects of gravity. I saw kitchen towers in several children's catalogs but really didn't like the price that was attached. I figured that my father would be able to replicate the commercial towers for us. I sent him a few links and away he went. It is such a blessing to have a someone who has the time, talent and tools for such things. :o) (You may remember that he also made Peachy's crib.) We couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
Peachy enjoying her kitchen helper.
Not such a good shot of Peachy, but a good shot of the entire kitchen helper.
You can't tell by the pictures, but I also asked that my dad make the tower able to fold up for storage. The platform can be folded up and the sides hinge in. Have I mentioned how much we love it??

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mitten Shirt

I can't say where I originally got the idea for this shirt. I want to say that I saw it last year at Gap, but after searching, I couldn't find it there anymore. I know that I have seen it a few places since then and each time I saw it, I was reminded of how cute and simple the idea was. I ended up whipping this up for the Little Peachster before our playgroup Christmas party. I really like that even though Christmas is over, she can still wear it all winter. I am always kind of bummed when I make a season specific shirt and then when that holiday is over I have to put it away. You know a turkey shirt in April just looks odd.
I purchased the shirt from Wal-Mart. I have had relatively good luck finding plain shirts in the Granimal department for very reasonable prices. I found a mitten outline through Google images and traced it onto the Heat and Bond Lite that I would iron on to the stripped fabric for the mittens. After cutting out the mittens, I placed 1/8 inch red ribbon at the top of one mitten on the shirt. I sewed around the mitten and then continued on to the ribbon up and around the back of the neck. I ended the ribbon where the other mitten would be placed and sewed around it as well. Fairly easy for such a cute outcome!

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