Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lazy Summer Dayz

The girls enjoying playing in the backyard. Don't you love how Cream is the one pushing?
Well folks, we have been absolutely soaking up the gorgeous summer weather around these parts lately. And bad blogger that I am, I don't have nearly enough pictures to share with you all. (This would be the advantage of having a phone that took good photos. Maybe someday!)
Last weekend we joined Mr. Cherry's family at his parents' house for our annual Father's Day gathering. 18 people under one roof really can be lots of fun! What a blessing that we all are able to get together and enjoy being together. Ha! There were camp fires, fireworks, a 5k, lots of cousin time, great food, and wonderful company!
Bustling around in the kitchen at Mr. Cherry's parents'

Peachy is now in a summer park program. Monday through Thursday we walk her over to a neighborhood park where she plays, does art, and plays some more for an hour and a half. She is loving it. And Cream doesn't mind the one-on-one time with momma.
A local park opened a splash pad this summer. It is a big destination in town. We met up with some friends there this week and soaked up the water and sun. Peachy loved running through the various splashing toys. Cream liked watching. Ha! Every time the girl got the courage to join Peachy, she would get water to the face and quickly leave.
Cousin reading time

We have been enjoying spinach and lettuce from the garden. Yum! I will share a yummy salad with you tomorrow.
The house is a bit of a disaster right now. I just can't bring myself to take a break from the fun and clean. I would much rather be out on the deck finishing up my 400 page book or paging through a magazine.
Peachy's bouquet from Mr. Cherry's parents' yard.

Yesterday the girls and I enjoyed popsicles on the front porch. While I know Cream hasn't ever had one, I guess Peachy hasn't either. They were quite smitten.
I have been playing sand volleyball one night a week with a group of ladies from church. While we will not be joining the Olympic team, we have a great time. And this week we even came away with a win. I love the volleyball. It has been some time since I played, but I still have a love for the game.
Cream loved playing ball with her cousins' ball set.

It is funny how you can do all of these activities and still feel the lazy days of summer. Loving it!

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