Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weekend Daddy Days

Mr. Cherry's job is set up to be 4 9 hour days and then a half day on Fridays. We are extremly blessed to have long weekends, but those 9+ hour long days get long during the week. The girls love soaking up as much daddy time as they can on the weekends. This past weekend, Peachy was working on building a Lego house. Mr. Cherry had a bit of work to do, but promised he would help her when he was done. I offered to help in the meantime, but Peachy knows who is the better builder in our family and politely told me to keep my hands off. :o)
I happily settled down for a lazy Sunday nap, while she and Mr. Cherry set to work on the house. It turned into quite the masterpiece. I love hearing them play together as he tells her about structural soundness and weak areas. Cream even caused a few problems got in on the action when she woke up from her nap.

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