Monday, June 10, 2013

The Paci Bucket

Both of the girls have been hardcore pacifier users. We have kind of stuck to the same weaning schedule with Cream as we did with Peachy. Around when they turned 1, we kind of enforced only using it when sleeping, in the car, or anytime we needed them to be quiet (in church), or if they needed comfort (when sick). We told Peachy when she turned 2 that she was a big girl and didn't need her pacifier anymore at church. I forgot Cream's pacifier about a month ago and we decided to just build on that and not bring a pacifier to church anymore. (Lets just say that these last few weeks have been a bit interesting at church.) We told Peachy that she would have to stop using her pacifier at night when she was 3 years old. I wasn't looking forward to breaking the habit, but she helped us out by losing the last one before bed one night. That took care of that. (I can't remember exactly when this happened. I know it was around 3, I am thinking she was close to 3 and a few months because I think Cream was around.)
Ah, the joys of the paci bucket!

We keep our pacifier stash in a little bucket on a ledge in the bedroom. We always gave both girls two, one to suck on and one to hold onto. Lately though, Cream has been snitching the entire bucket once we leave the room at nap time or night time. We hear the telltale clank of the bucket and know that she is playing with the bucket. There are some nights where I am pretty sure it is in the crib with her all night long. What a funny comfort object!
On a side note, Peachy started calling her pacifiers night-nights. We switched her from a Soothie brand to a Nuk style when she was a few months old in hopes of the pacifier staying in her mouth better. Cream calls the pacifiers naps or pacis. We tried to switch her to the Nuk style as well, but she never figured out how to use it and still uses the Soothie today.

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Lisa said...

I dread this! Connor only uses his for sleeping or if he's really upset, but he seems to be getting a little more attached now that he can ask for it by name. He knows where we keep them, so he'll try to grab one if he wants it. I've been trying to tell him that pacis are for babies and he's a big boy, but I don't think he gets it yet!