Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swimming with Peachy

Mr. Cherry and I haven't had Peachy involved in many activities up to this point. It is just our own personal parenting philosophy. This summer, however, it worked out well to put her in swimming lessons. She ended up taking lessons at a college in town, just a few miles from our house.
One of her friends was in the class with her, which worked out really well. The class went for 2 weeks, half of an hour each day. I was very impressed with the program and will definitely be making use of it again.

Going into these lessons, Peachy wasn't super comfortable in the water. She loves playing in pools, but doesn't even like getting her face wet in the tub at home. I figured this class would help her feel more comfortable. Kind of be an introduction to swimming.
Up until the last day of classes, I figured we would be repeating the level. However, Peachy grew so much over the two weeks. She became so much more comfortable and confident in the water. By the last day, she was swimming around with her float belt on.
Happily putting her face in the water. And guess what?? She passed!!! Her teacher even told us that as of Wednesday she wasn't going to. I was so proud of her. She grew so much in those 10 days!! (I may have gotten a little chocked up when she got her certificate.)

Swim, Peachy, swim!
(And a big thanks to my friend, Lisa, for getting these pictures for me. My little point and shoot just didn't cut it!)


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Hurray! I'm so glad she did so well and came so far. I think the daily swim lessons would be the way to go.

Leigh Redfield said...

It's awesome to see your little swimmer. I love seeing kids' confidence soar as they learn they can have some freedom in the water.

Lisa said...

How cute! Congrats to her on passing the class too!