Thursday, June 6, 2013

Craft Booth Sign and Name Tag

So, before my sale last weekend, I decided to make a new sign for my booth. I also decided to make my mom and I name tags. Of course I always put these things off until the last minute. So, Friday afternoon when I should have been cleaning the house and loading the van, I was in my craft area creating these items. However, I handle pressure well and a deadline is sometimes  just what I need to sit down and hammer out a good project.
For the sign I used a spray painted frame I already had. I then cut out a piece of tag board to fit the opening and gave it several coats of chalk board paint. To give it a little support, I cut two pieces of cardboard to put behind the tag board. (I was classy and used masking tape to secure the cardboard. I am cool like that.) I did prime the board with chalk, but since time was of the essence I didn't wait the full 24 hours recommended to use it, but it all seems to have worked properly. I then added the rolled fabric rosettes to the corner. Thankfully I found a metal easel in the house and it worked perfectly to hold the frame.

For the name tags, I used rolled fabric flowers as well that I backed in felt. I added a bar pin as well as an alligator clip to the back. (Really happy that I did that as I ended up clipping it to my winter coat. Ha!) Then I attached one of my twill tape tags that I make as well as a piece of twill tape for my name. And a name tag was born.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Super duper cute! I love the little rosettes and a chalkboard is always a winner.