Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You're My Little Potato

Well, you are actually not my Little Potato. Little Peachy is actually my Little Potato. (How is that for confusing?) Thanks to the ONE YEAR (yes, you read that correctly) slide show I just put together for LP, that song is in my head. Not a bad song to have in one's head or in their one year slide show.
We had quite the weekend celebrating Peachy's birthday and Mother's Day. It started with the arrival of my parents Friday evening who were followed by M's parents on Saturday afternoon. Saturday was spent preparing for Peachy's party which was held late Saturday afternoon. The party was wonderful and deserving a post of its own. Sunday morning found me looking for our local paper to arrive before we headed off for church. Peachy and I graced the front page in a large full color photo!! A reporter had contacted me a few weeks ago about a feature story she was writing about moms who had their babies on Mother's Day. I didn't have to think long before agreeing to that one.

After church we all headed off to a 5k walk that raised $10,000 for breast cancer.

M's parents headed home after the walk and mine left Monday afternoon. (But not before we hit some of the fun stores downtown. One of the clerks even recognized Peachy from the paper!!)
I keep telling everyone that some days it is hard for me to even realize that I am a mom, much less the mom of a one year old. Yikes!
All in all, a wonderful long weekend celebration!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! M and his dad are hiding all their pink!
Happy birthday Peachy! Love you!
Auntie Ya and Uncle 40

All about Baby Gill said...

I linked to you from Tip Junkie and was just reading through your journal... didnt realize you were a Fargo/Moorhead mommy to! I LOVED that article of you guys in the paper :)