Thursday, May 20, 2010

Not So Little Anymore

Last week Friday we had Peachy in for her one year check-up. Just as we thought, we have a healthy, thriving one year old on our hands. What a blessing from the Lord! She now weighs almost 23 pounds (about 75th percentile) and is about 31 (about 99th percentile) inches long. She is a long and lean little girl.

Peachy is now a pulling up machine. She reminds me of a rock climber. Any little ledge is a finger grip for her. Like the less than centimeter lip between the TV screen and the TV box. She has figured out drawers, cupboard doors, and regular doors. While we were at a friend's house the other day I looked over to see her sitting in front of an open hutch door. What was in the door? Oh, just my friend's crystal! Thankfully she hadn't tried to lug any of it out yet. She is a master of the crawl and is just starting to take tentative steps while using the death grip on furniture.

She is able to communicate with us more and more. She says momma and daddy. (Momma is always said with a bit of whine, while daddy comes out with excitement. However, she is still quite the momma's girl.) She also says "woof" when she sees a dog and "oooh!!" when something interests her. I can usually tell by her inflection or by her holding both her hands out when she wants something. (Then the game is to figure out what it is that she wants.) The universal sign of clapping can hold many meanings like more and all done. She is a very good eater with a penchant for carbs and sweets. She is weaned now drinking whole milk exclusively. There is nothing that she loves more than making chaos out of order. She loves her Little Tikes slide that currently resides in our front yard. She is still very active, but has won over our hearts all over again by her willingness to cuddle, hug and kiss when the mood strikes her. Out Little Peachy has made our parenting first year of parenting a true joy and blessing. Overall she can be described as content yet inquisitive all rolled into one happy, little ball.

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