Monday, May 17, 2010

My Good Friend, Poke A. Dot

I went with a polka-dot theme for Peachy's birthday bash. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a super easy party theme. Polka-dots are huge right now and I didn't have to search very hard to find the items I needed for the party.
It all started with these Wilton Sprinkles in Jumbo Confetti. I knew that even I, with my limited cake decorating abilities, could make a cake cute with these sprinkles.
I purchased card stock for the invitations using the sprinkle colors as my guide. I also purchased the Candelight stamp set from Close to My Heart.)

(Don't you just hate it when Blogger is a bad boy and won't cooperate with you? Really these pictures are the other way on my computer. Bad Blogger, bad, bad, Blogger.)
The cake was meant to look like a large cupcake. I didn't purchase the large cupcake cake mold, so a bit of it is left to the imagination. The base was made from two 9 inch round cake pans and then I used a metal mixing bowl to create the domed top. We frosted the rounds as you would a layer cake and then piped lines up the sides. After frosting the bottom, we placed the top on, frosted it, added the jumbo sprinkles and the candle.
(M even got in on the cake decorating action with his mad piping skills.)
The table cloth was made with white muslin and polka-dot fabric all purchased from Jo-Ann Fabrics.
The favors were little eye spy bags made with polka-dot flannel that I had on hand. (You can see them surrounding the cake in the picture above.) I will post a brief tutorial on how I made them soon.
My mom made Peachy  her large bib without even knowing the theme. Way to go, grandma. (We used to have bibs made in this style when we were kids. They are awesome at full coverage and can be decorated to match the occasion. You can't see in the picture, but mom put a cupcake with a #1 candle on the bib as an appliqué.)

I decided to make Peachy a little chair ala Pottery Barn as a birthday gift and just happened to pick a polka-dot fabric. The chair was a big hit at the party with the guests and Peachy climbs into it as often as she can.

Of course I made Peachy's #1 onesie. (You can always order one for your little one from my Facebook site, kiki b. omi designs.) I made her leg warmers out of a pair of knee high socks from Target. I will post a tutorial someday on that as well. Her skirt is from Target, her shoes are from a garage sale last summer, and the barrette is from Wal-Mart.
(Okay picture of me. Okay picture of the onesie. Not so hot picture of Peachy.)
I found these great buckets for drinks at Wal-Mart on clearance for $1.50!! Awesome!
I made the food prep super easy by ordering 4 foot subs from Wal-mart. (This was a very economical way to feed lots of people. We had plenty with the two 4 foot subs. So much that M and I worked hard all week at finishing the left-overs off before they went bad.) Throw in a veggie tray, a fruit platter, and some chips and you've got yourself a party!


Anonymous said...

Polk-a-Party! I wanna come! Really cute! Love you! Yaya

Army Wife Quilter said...

very cute. my baby will be one in 6 weeks and I am still tring to decide what kind of cake to make.

Kim @ seven thirty three said...

Super sweet party! We just had my daughters first birthday on Saturday. Lots of fun! ;)

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