Monday, May 3, 2010

Fantastic Frames

Remember when I had my big debut? This weekend I was able to participate in my second sale. I work well on a deadline, which means I was still working on finishing projects a half hour before the sale started. (I have promised myself that I will put an earlier deadline for any future sales.)
I made more embellished children's shirts and onesies, crayon rolls, car caddies, diaper and wipe pouches, decorated flip-flops, baby cakes, Lil' Guy Ties, and decorated frames. Keep an eye on my Facebook site to get your hands on the leftovers! (If you haven't already, click on the like button for "kiki b. omi designs." There may be something special for one of you soon. :o)
Remember these cuties? I had so much fun making them that I decided to do some more.create some more and sell them in my space. Here are some of my favorites from this time around:

If only I could decorate my house as easily and cutely as I decorated these frames.

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Kim @ seven thirty three said...

Love them. Decorating frames can be so much fun.

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