Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wonderful Weather

Our April was beautiful. We had unseasonably wonderful weather. (So much so that it made the seasonable weather this weekend feel like we had gone back three months.) Little Peachy and I were able to get out and enjoy many walks. We are even able to go out when the Little Monkey is over thanks to these little guys.
These bad boys are able to connect two umbrella strollers to make a double stroller. I was pretty impressed with how well the strollers worked in tandem. Another bonus? No large double stroller to store. Here are the two munchkins all ready to go.

"Hurry up, mom. We're ready already!"
"Are you ready, friend?"
"There. Now we are ready to go."
"You better get a move on it, mom."


Anonymous said...

Those are AWESOME! I wonder if I could have done that with three strollers a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

I like the new profile picture of you, Naomi, and Howard! - Yaya