Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Why We Need Snow . . .

This little--er big--guy here is why we need a good covering of snow on the ground. Without M and my knowledge, we apparently opened an all-you-can-eat salad bar in our backyard.
We must have moved into jack rabbit territory when we bought our house. At first it was fun watching them lope across our backyard. Then M started to notice that someone was munching on our nice, new grass. Since then, it is a common sight to look out our back window and see the sight of a jack munching our green goods. Tonight I looked out and found four of these giants out there. (Imagine how much grass four jack rabbits can go through?!) I tried to catch them on film, but unfortunately the lighting wasn't good.
I am thinking that we need some of the white stuff or we won't have any green stuff left.


Shannon said...

A jack rabbit? Thats an odd looking creature! :)

You can have some of our snow, its coming down like crazy in NE Ohio!

Smith Family said...

We woke up to 4.6 inches of the white stuff yesterday morning. I'll gladly send you snow wishes. *S*N*O*W*