Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Other Side

When M and I watch a movie, it is ussually rented. If we do go to a theater, it is the cheap theater which is convienently located a few blocks from our home. The cheap theater is . . . cheap. The chairs are all a bit broken. The floor is always sticky. The heat is always turned down. It is however . . . cheap. I can't see spending more than two times the amount of money to see the same thing. It just doesn't make sense to me.
Just this month, however, we went to a "real" theater two times. (It was even an UltraScreen!!) We had coupons to get $4 tickets the first time and then free ticket vouchers the second time. You should have seen us as we walked in. It was like being in New York City for the first time. The carpet was vacuumed. There were digital signs naming the movie playing outside of each theater and how long until show time. Once we entered our theater, we walked to our seats without having to peel our shoes from the floor. Oh and our seats, they were so comfy!! Even better, I didn't need the extra coat I always carry to movies as they seemed to have the heat turned up to a comfortable temperature.
Now this doesn't mean that we won't be going right back to our cheap theater ways now that the coupons have been redeemed, but it was nice to see how the other side lives--even for a few hours.

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Emily said...

Vacuumed carpet in a movie theater. Sheesh, where do you live, the Hamptons? Fun that you were able to go twice for $8 - movie prices are out of control now.

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