Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Craft Room

Would you like to see one of the rooms in our lower level? (I know you all have been holding your breath.) This is currently my craft room. Sometime before May it will become the office/spare room. The current office is where we are planning on having the nursery. The plan is to then build a little craft nook in the downstairs living room.

So, for now, this is where I stamp, scrapbook, sew, and create.

1) The multi-purpose table. I had been sewing this weekend so the sewing machine is out. After I took these shots, I put the machine away so I could work on a stamping project.

2) Some of the containers that I keep supplies in along the ledge of the room.

3) The stamp cabinet that my dad made for me.

4) All of my paper. (I tend to collect it.)

5) The closet where some supplies are stored. We had plans to build shelving in here before we knew we were having the baby. (You can even see the Post-It notes where I was thinking that the shelves should be placed. Hopefully I will now have a shelving unit in the living room to hold everything.)

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