Saturday, November 8, 2008

IKEA and Trader Joe's

There are just some stores I will go out of my way to shop at. IKEA and Trader Joe's just happen to be two of my favorites. I am thinking that it is a good thing that there aren't any closer as that could lead to bigger budget issues than we already have. ;o) (Don't worry, M and I are doing fine. I just sometimes struggle under the burden of a budget. In the end I know it is for my good, but that doesn't make it any easier when I am an instant gratification kind of gal that like to shop.)

Our trip last weekend started out with a stop at each of these stores. M had never been to a TJs before and I think the trip converted him. He saw that they have good prices on good food (and wine.) With our TJs bags in hand, we set out to find the items on my list. While we didn't find everything, we did find the majority of what I was looking for.
We were making great time as headed to our next stop, IKEA. Unfortunately we hit some major construction and traffic which didn't leave us much time at IKEA. Thankfully with it being Halloween night, it was really dead and we were able to zip around quickly. We didn't purchase anything big, but we now have our eyes on a few pieces. We loaded our IKEA bags with one recycling bin for under the sink, one Christmas present, one curtain rod, and some Christmas wrapping paper. (Okay so really the only thing that fit in our IKEA bag was the Christmas present, but when you have IKEA bags, you've got to use them.)

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KClemons said...

I really miss TJ's. It was my favorite little happy grocery store in Milwaukee and they have such fantastic food - where else can you buy kalamata olives for such a great price? I miss olives even more . . .