Monday, November 17, 2008

C-Y-O: Make a Purse

It has been a while since I wrote a Create-Your-Own entry. I have been creating, I just haven't blogged about any of my creations. Here is one of the latest.

Have you noticed the cute purses that you can buy these days? I am not talking about Dooney and Burke, but the modern handmade purses that you can purchase. (Just a quick search on Etsy turns up so, so many to drool over.) Of course, if you can buy them handmade, you can make them yourself. I decided to purchase the Marlo Bloom pattern from the Heather Bailey Store, make it, and give it to my sister for her birthday. It is a fun purse with fun lines. I would think you could make it out of just about any print fabric and it would turn out fabulously. (And did I mention that it is reversible?!)

The purse turned out wonderfully, I think. The only problem I had was getting it done on time. I did finally get it out to her; now I can blog about it. I can't wait to make up some more. (That may have to wait until after Christmas, however. The creative que is getting long.)

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