Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Emily over at Imperfect has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award. (Thanks, Emily.)

Now that I have been nominated I am supposed to name six things that I am thankful for and then pass this on to six of the blogs that I read. Now even though I am a teacher, I am not always very good at following directions. I have decided that I WILL name six things that I am thankful for, but I will not nominate six other blogs. Most of the blogs I read have already been nominated. (You know who you are!)

1) I am thankful for a loving God, who forgives all of my wrongs and sends me countless earthly blessings.

2) I am thankful for a wonderful marriage that just keeps getting better and better.

3) I am thankful for the new life that is growing inside of me. I can't go a minute without thinking of our little baby and the amazing miracle being performed inside of me.

4) I am thankful for all of those that hold me near and dear. (I can't wait to see many of you at Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

5) I am thankful for the new home that we have been enjoying (for 4 months now.)

6) I am thankful for the jobs that M and I are able to go to everyday. (Even on the days we don't want to get out of our warm, soft bed.)

While I am not passing this on to anyone, maybe you can take a few moments today and think of what the blessings are in your life.

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