Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Binder System

In an effort to stay more organized and on top of things here at home, I recently started up a binder system. There are plenty of examples all over the internet of binder systems. I didn't want anything too elaborate. I know I could have created my own calendar sheets, but I purchased this download from Etsy. I use one set of calendar pages as my own personal pages. I keep track of what I am going to blog about, what I am doing for my business, kiki b omi designs, what I need to do cleaning wise at home, and my exercise and water intake for each day.
Please visit SimplandStunning2 at Etsy to purchase.

On another set of printable sheets, I jot down notes on what I am going to do with the girls each day. I am trying to be more intentional on Peachy's preschool and other activities we do together.
I also keep a menu on the menu sheet and a to do list on another sheet that catches any extras there maybe on a certain day.
Please go to for the full version.

As for housekeeping, I used this daily cleaning schedule as a guide form Bakerette. I have made a few adjustments, but it got me started in the right direction.
I have been following this system for the month now, and I proud to say that I have been pretty good on following it. I try to get things filled in on Sunday afternoon, but that doesn't always happen. Then I just sit down and fill it in as the week goes along when I get the chance. In the past I have not liked "being told what to do" on a certain day, even if I am the one telling. (Can you say authority and control issues???) However, I feel so much more accomplished at the end of the day when I have done all of the items in my binder. I stayed on top of the housework and girls schedules even with the craft sale and garage sale. Pretty good accomplishments for me.

When we had guests two weekends in a row, it was so nice to know that the house was essentially ready for company without having to cram a whole day of cleaning in before their arrival.
I am hoping to continue using this system. I am sure that there will be tweaks here and there along the way, but for now it is working. Why mess with success??

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