Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birthday Crowns

Little Miss W was in love with her crown! She is such a sweet little girl!

Like I said yesterday, I had been wanting to make fabric crowns for a while and Cream's birthday was the perfect excuse. I started looking around the internet and found some tutorials to base one off of.
These were some of my favorites that had the look I was going for:
How to Make a Superhero Headband from Curly Pops
Valentines Themed Princess Crown from Sweet Sapling
Fabric Crown from The Little Giggler
Here is the best shot I got of both girls with their crowns.

In the end, I pretty much used the tutorial from The Little Giggler. I did add some felt embellishments, just a pinked circle and a #1 and #2. I ended up using an elastic headband I had around for the elastic in the back. It worked out well since it was a little wider and had some non-stick stripes on the back.
We even had Cream where hers on her actual birthday when we went out with some friends for a birthday dinner.

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