Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pajamas and Pillowcase Birthday Present

Remember that darling girl that Cream got to share her birthday with? Miss W is is as cute as can be and a sweetheart to boot. We wanted to give her a super great birthday present. And you know me, I can't just get a gift at the store. I have to add a little something homemade. Its just my style. So, I nabbed some pajamas off of her wishlist and then made a little travel sized pillowcase to go along with them. (Cream loves her little travel sized pillow, so I know it is just the right sized for little heads.) I did my typical french seam pillowcase and got the measurements from the blog As Reasonable as Can Be. I bought my travel pillow from Target. (They happened to be on sale the day I bought it!) I have also purchased them at Walgreens in the past.
There you have it! A duper fun birthday gift for anyone, really!

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