Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Strider Balance Bike

After seeing one of our friends' 2 year olds in action on his balance bike, Mr. Cherry and I were really impressed. If you haven't heard of a balance bike, they are just like a regular two wheeler, but without pedals.
The theory behind them is that the child gets accustomed to balancing on a two wheeler and can easily transition to a regular two wheeler skipping over the training wheel phase. When friends and family started to ask what Cream wanted for her birthday, we gave them the option of contributing toward the purchase of a balance bike.
We did a little research and decided to go with the Strider brand of balance bikes. And even better, we were able to purchase it at a local store. Cream still has a way to go, but she enjoys trying her bike out. And really it is so cute seeing her out on her miniature bike! (Isn't that what a bike is all about?!!!)


Lisa said...

Wow, impressive! I keep hearing about how great these are and its hard to believe that they can do this at such a young age!

Sarah said...

Cream, you look so big with your new bike! We love you!

Smith Family said...

My favorite part is the sweatshirt C is wearing. I remember when it was too big for H. How time flies! She looks so stinking cute.