Monday, September 16, 2013

kiki b omi Sale!

This great picture is courtesy of the event host Eco Chic.
I had another craft sale that I participated in this weekend. This is the same sale I had a booth at in June where it was freezing cold. This time it ended up raining! The poor people who plan this event!! And even though the weather wasn't real favorable for an outdoor event, the customers were there.
 This show brought a record setting attendance. You just have to love the hearty folks who live in these parts. I convinced my mom to come and help out again even after it was so cold last time. (That is what love is, isn't it!) I promised her it would be warmer. It was, it just was much, much wetter!
 I did pretty much the same set up as last time. Why mess with success? It must have been a good set up since I sold one of the baskets I use for display! I was bummed that the wet weather meant that we ended early and that I didn't get a chance to do much shopping.
I had my eye on a few pieces at booths around me, but I always try not to buy to much when I do a sale. I like to bring home some profit! I still have lots of great items that didn't sell. I have a few up in my Etsy shop already, but hope to get more up in the next week or two. I will make sure to keep you posted.

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