Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to the Family

M and I have graduated from our first living room lighting which we both purchased shortly after moving out on our own, to real lamps! It is a very exciting day for the Bowl of Cherrys household.
This little guy is from Kohls. I think that it was supposed to be somewhere around $40, but you never pay full price at Kohls. (And if you have been, you have been paying too much.) In the end I think that we got it for under $20.

I found its big brother at IKEA. Now at IKEA you ussually have to pay full price, but the price is ussually also right. (Sorry I can't give you a full head to foot shot. He is tucked between the wall and the sofa. Maybe he is shy.)
Now when we want more ambient lighting, we just turn these two warm beacons on and we are set.
(Don't worry, the old lights have a new home in our lower level. Which I am so, so excited about these days!! I can't wait for us to make more progress so we can show you.)

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Emily said...

Love them. We have the IKEA lamp and it's two babies in our bedroom. I love the pull chains!