Monday, February 16, 2009

My Husband, My Love

Forgive the mushy post. Chalk it up to Valentine's Day and pregnancy hormones. :o)

M and I went out for a pre-V Day dinner with some friends from church. Good food, good company, and good conversation made for a very nice evening.

Our actual V Day was spent doing nothing in particular and it was wonderful. I did laundry while M worked on some computer things. We were also able to plan and discuss the soon-to-come craft nook in the lower level. (More on that later.)

Many people asked us how we were going to spend our last kid-free Valentine's, and I am betting this is not what they had in mind. However, I couldn't imagine spending it in any other way. Getting to enjoy the blessing of companionship that my husband brings to me was just what I wanted and needed. I find that the longer we are married (I know it hasn't even been all that long yet) the more content/happy I am just being with M. I guess that is what love means to me.


Smith Family said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Taryn said...

I understand you completely. It is so nice just to be with Chris. Sometimes it is just nice to have him in the apartment even if we are in totally different parts.