Monday, February 16, 2009

7 Months

Today marks week 28 of my pregnancy! It continues to progress smoothly and quickly. (Both tremendous blessings that I pray continue to the end.) I am definitely getting bigger. Many people comment that they now know I am pregnant. (Like I was trying to pull a hoax off or something. :o) With the bigger girth, I find that it is getting harder to do certain things. It is also harder to get comfortable and stay comfortable (especially at night.)
As I don't have any other pregnancies to compare this with, I can just go by what I think, but I think this is one active little baby. It is one of the most incredible feelings to have this life moving around independently inside of you. The times that it moves enough to make my skin move is a bit surreal.
I have bought a few more adorable baby outfits. I think that it is a good thing that we don't know the sex, it provides a natural curb to my spending. There are only so many gender natural things out there.
The baby fabric stash is getting bigger as well. I think that is a sign that I better get sewing! I will be sure to post some of the finished results when they become, well, finished.

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Jane said...


We are sending something for your baby's room. Happy Early birthday and late Valentine's day

jane and Anna