Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Moonlight Snowshoe

Two Saturdays ago M and I headed out to a local state park for their annual candlelight c.c. ski/snowshoe. We have participated in this at least one other time, if not two. (The memory goes when you start to get old.) It was the perfect temperature to be out, but the wind it was a-howlin'. We kept the wind to our backs on the first stretch and then went down into the protection of the trees on the way back. Some of the trail was simply illuminated by the light of the moon as the candles had blown out. After snowshoeing we headed to the warming house for some hot chocolate and cookies and then enjoyed a few minuted by the bonfire outside. The only problem was my sore aching legs! My hip joints have started to bother me with the pregnancy and snowshoeing didn't make them feel any better. Oh well, it was worth it.
Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures this year. Good thing we have some from another year!
Before heading out:

M on the trail:

One of the ice-luminaries up close:

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Shannon said...

The ice luminaries are beautiful!