Monday, February 2, 2009

"New In Town"

Anyone gone to see "New In Town" yet? No, well, neither have I. I do feel a strong connection with this movie, however, and will end up seeing it at some point in the future. You see, I spent 9 of my nearly 30 years of life in New Ulm. That's right, the very town where the movie is based--from what I have seen and heard, very loosely based. (It wasn't filmed in New Ulm, much less Minnesota, much less the United States. It was filmed in Canada.)

These facts I know to be true:
1) New Ulm is in Minnesota.
2) It gets cold in Minnesota in the winter.
3) We get snow in Minnesota in the winter.
4) People go ice fishing in Minnesota in the winter.
5) There are several factories in New Ulm.
6) If you were to try and fly into New Ulm you would have to fly to Minneapolis/St. Paul and then drive the 2 hours to New Ulm.
7) People do make hot dishes in New Ulm.

These facts I dispute:
1) While the older generation of New Ulm have slight accents, they are not the Northern Minnesotan accents you hear in the movie.
2) While New Ulm is relatively small, population 13,000, it is not a sleepy little town with nothing to do. (There are a number of small stores and boutiques that I look forward to going to when I visit New Ulm.)
3) The people of New Ulm are actually very welcoming toward new comers. (I should know, I was new in town myself once.)

If I were to write the movie, I would add in these details:

1) Renee's character would go to the mall to buy some new clothes, only to find that the Marketplatz Mall is largely deserted with only a few select remaining stores.

2) Harry's character would take Renee's character up to the top of the Herman the German statue for a cheap $1 date. After climbing Herman, they would go ice skating at the park below Herman.

3) Renee's character would be invited to do a guest reading at the Wanda Gag house.

4) Feeling lonely and sad, Renee's character would go to the Schells Brewery tap room where she would discover the magical powers in 1919 root beer.
5) Harry and Renee's characters would end up polkaing through the streets to the piped in polka tunes.
I give credit to the people of New Ulm for having a great sense of humor about the movie. I am not surprised, though, that is just the kind of people they are.


Emily said...

I saw it on opening day with my parents - they lived in New Ulm early in their marriage and had to go opening day. At 25 (and therefore 30 + years ago) she says it was pretty isolated and she didn't always have the best attitude - and their house faced Herman the German's rear end :). My parents didn't like the movie - they thought that even their isolated experience was better than the movie made it look like.

Taryn said...

How fun! You are from New Ulm? I grew up in Minnetonka (Western Minneapolis suburb). I went to college up in the Moorhead/Fargo area- and got quite attached. Perhaps I have some of the same feelings about Fargo as you do about this new movie. I have yet to see this new movie, but I sure think it would be fun. (I love how they make all Minnesotans speak like they are from tiny SD towns) I would love to visit all of the fun places you list here- thanks for the info. =)