Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Yesterday evening I decided to transfer my normal walk around the neighborhood to a park about a mile from our house. After parking the car and hooking up my soundtrack to life, my MP3 player, I headed off onto the paths and grassy fields along the river in the park. I knew it would be a good walking day when I set off, but I didn't yet know how good. It was one of those perfectly fall days where everything just seems right in the world. The sun was glinting off the freshly yellowing leaves. The sky was blue dotted with the occasional puffy white cloud. The temperature was just warm enough to leave the air feeling crisp, but not too cold. The park was buzzing with activity. There were children playing soccer, dads playing with their kids, and even runners in a race.

I so wish that I had my camera with me as I walked. I just didn't know how the day would inspire me. I thought I was going for a simple walk. (I have included some pictures taken last year around this time from the same park. The other peeps in the first pic are M's sister and my sister.) You will just have to try and recreate my day in your own mind's eye.

I truly hope that each and everyone of you can revel your own wonderful fall day.

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