Sunday, September 14, 2008

If You Go Down in the Woods Today . . .

. . .you're sure for a big surprise.
While we may not have been surprised by what we saw on our Friday excursion, we did have a wonderful time in the woods and prairie. After loading up the picnic and driving to the state park, we started off on a 5 mile hike. A few miles in we came across this cute little bird watching hut. It had three walls and on the wall facing the lake there were all kinds of windows cut out to watch the birds. There were even little benches to sit on and a little broom to sweep. (Just in case you felt the need for some light house keeping.)
After watching the ducks stick there little butts in the air for a while, we were off again. As we walked we talked about how we never see many wild animals while we are out hiking. And then around a bend in the trail, there was a fox partially hidden in some tall grasses just off the trail. (Now I know you can't really see it in the picture, but you will just have to take my word for it. Look at the lone tree on the hill and then look for the lighter spot below and to the left. That is the fox. Or you can just use this picture to admire what a wonderful afternoon we had for a hike.)

While most of the trees are still green, a few random leaves had started to turn. This is supposed to be an excellent park to go to for the change of colors and I could see why. The hills were thick with hardwood trees and I could just imagine them alive with a patchwork of fall colors. M and I have an obsession with taking detailed photos of leaves, so here is one I caught on this trip. (I am thinking that someday I will print and frame them and put them in our master bath. )
At the trail center, we found a birdie to be our friend. He even agreed to have a few photos taken. :o)

After working up an appetite it was time for our picnic. They had just built this great shelter at the park. And while we sat outside on a table, we talked about what a great shelter it would be for a party. (They even had an industrial sink and counter set up in a back room. Very nice for a state park.)

The picnic area was right by a small trail to the top of one of the hills. It seems as if everyone who comes to this park hikes this trail and we didn't want to be left out. So up we went. Part way up M found this old piece of farming equipment and of course he had to investigate to see what it could have been. Amazingly enough, it stumped the farm-boy/engineer in him.

What a wonderful way to spend a fall afternoon.
**Bonus Points: Try to identify the song from which I took the title and what the next line of the song is. And how about we don't use our friend Google.**

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Smith Family said...

I'm so jealous. Where were you hiking? We haven't found good hiking here yet and I'm really missing it especially this time of year.