Friday, September 19, 2008

Foodie Friday--BLT and G Pizza

Let me preface this post with an honest disclaimer. We did not eat the BLT and G Pizza today. (I actually made this for supper two nights ago.) Today we dined on Whopper Value Meals from Burger King. This is what happens to good people when time runs short and they are hungry. (Both M and I are in much better spirits now that our bellies are filled with fast food greasy goodness. Yum!) And now on to our previously scheduled posting.

The original idea for this rrecipe was found in the Rachael Ray Magazine. It was titled "Bacon-Avocado Griddle Pizzas." And while I am sure that it was a great original recipe, I have never made it following her directions. Those of you who know me well, know that I can't follow a recipe. I need to be creative in the kitchen. If I don't have one ingredient, I need to be able to substitute another. That is the way I roll. I am not faulting anyone out there who is a recipe follower. As a preschool teacher I know the importance of being able to follow directions. However, I don't always see the importance of direction following in MY life. And now, if you have followed me thus far, the recipe.

I always start by making the guacamole for the "sauce." I have tried many gauc recipes and have found that I can not come close to the delicious flavor they have managed to harness and package in the store dry mix variety. So, I grab a few good avocados, a packet of our favorite gauc mix, and proceed.

After the gauc is on its way, I cut up a pint of cherry (or grape) tomatoes. Depending on the size, I either halve or quarter them. I then mix a few diced green onions in with the tomatoes along with salt, pepper, and red wine vinegar. (These are all done according to taste. Just remember that a little vinegar goes a long way and you don't want a strong vinegar flavor to over-power the rest of the pizza.)

Now, as the flavors are melding, you can take a break. After all that work, you deserve one.

About 20 minuted before eating, you will want to make the crust for the pizza. That is if you turn to your handy little friend in a yellow box, Bisquick. I simply follow a dough recipe from the great Bisquick recipe stash and away I go. Mix baking mix with water, spread on a corn meal sprinkled baking stone, and bake until golden brown. (If you feel the need to make your dough in another manner, feel free. Remember, I don't follow recipes. So, why should you?)

I allow the crust to cool a bit while I bake up some bacon to chop into bite sized pieces.

Onto assembly. Spread the guacamole on the crust. Top with shredded lettuce, tomato mix, and bacon. (Don't fret over extra toppings, they can all go on to glorious second lives. Check out the first Foodie Friday post for proof.)

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KClemons said...

Hey there, dearie - wondering about a cooking thing. Ben and I miss couscous tremendously and have been unable to find it here in China. We are thinking of recreating my couscous salad with rice, which we can obviously find easily. Have you ever made a rice salad? Do you use leftover rice and toss it with some olive oil? I am willing to experiment with this, but would welcome any advice. Our rice here is coming out really starchy and we rinse it over and over to try to prevent that. But, if you picture Chinese buffet rice, that's pretty much what we have - clumpier and easier to pick up with chopsticks. If the salad works out I will send the recipe your way.