Thursday, September 11, 2008

For the Love of Louis

Does the name Louis L'Amour ring any bells.

Hmm, nothing, huh? Don't worry, before I met M it meant nothing to me, either. Since I now consider myself somewhat of an expert, I'll catch you up to speed. Louis L'Amour is a mid to late nineteenth century author who mainly wrote Western fiction. Okay that is the short and sweet version and all that you should need to know today. If you care to find out more, feel free to turn to our trusted friend, Google.
Louis and M go way back. Before there was me, there was Louis. M can spend hours with Louis and never grow tired of his company. It is M's goal in life to collect all of Louis' works. (No small task, as he has written around 100 books.)
Although I am an avid reader, I always told M that I had no need for his Louis. I am not a Western fiction kind of gal. (And I thought it would kind of be fun to just be stubborn about it. Hey, I get my jollies where I can.) Last summer, however, when M and I were on a camping trip I broke my strike and read my first Louis. And besides a little confusion about the book being short stories, I have to admit that I enjoyed the book and read another and another and another.
Well, M dug out his box of Louis the other evening. (That is the Louis that we have. Some are still being stored at his parents' house.) And although he has read them all before (numerous times), he has since plowed through many of the books in the box. And, truth be told, if you were to look in on our house any evening this week, you would find both of us curled up with our good old friend Louis.


Smith Family said...

Am I allowed to find this post hilarious? Oh, memories.

Kristi said...

I knew you would like it. :o)

Smith Family said...

Nathan said...Kristi, I can now say this and really mean it. Welcome to the family.