Thursday, September 4, 2008

Out with the Old and in with the Carmen

I have been dreaming of this day for months and now it is finally here. We have made a new addition to our family. Scratch that, make that two new additions to our family. Our new, new sofa and chair were delivered an hour ago and they look stunning.

And here, as they say, is the rest of the story. Rewind a few months and you will see M and I scouring every furniture store in town looking for new living room furniture. You see, the hand-me-down love seat from my parents just wasn't feeling so good anymore and our spines were getting molded into a permanent "S" from too much time on the Wal-Mart futon. I don't know how many sofas, chairs, and love seats our seats sat in trying to find "the one." I felt like Goldilocks. "This chair is too soft. This sofa is too modern. This set is just plain ugly." And then there was Carmen living room set from Bauhaus. "This sofa is just right and look at the nice matching chair."

Over the next few months we would go back and visit Carmen, just happy to spend some time sitting with her--err on her. We would sit and dream of the day Carmen would be ours in the color of Chestnut Brown. And when the time would come for us to go and Carmen to stay we would drown our sorrows with a complimentary cookie and drink. Now that is furniture shopping in style.

After moving into the house, we knew it was time to bring Carmen into our lives for good. We had put the futon downstairs and now all that remained to sit on was the love seat. And when you first found yourself on the love seat you thought, "This isn't so bad. We can make do with this for a bit." After five minutes, however, reality set in in the form of a back ache.

We went to the furniture store with a mission in mind--bring home Carmen. Of course when you change the color of the floor model, you don't get to bring your furniture home that day. In fact, you are told that you may have to wait up to 90 days. (Oh, the back aches one can experience in 90 days.) But, at the 30 day mark you receive the call that Carmen is coming home.

Two burly men dropped them off this afternoon and it had been shear lounging pleasure ever since.


Emily said...

Carmen is beautiful - I love the clean, modern lines and the fabric is a great color. Congrats, proud new Carmen owner!

Smith Family said...