Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's a Matter with Kids These Days?

While working on an art project with my preschoolers today, I was reminded again how much kids have changed since my childhood. We were working on gluing with liquid glue and some of them would absolutely freak out if they got glue on their hands. I told them not to worry; We would wash our hands when we were all done, but to no avail. One little girl wanted nothing more to do with the project once a drop of glue made its way onto her finger.
Since when do kids not like to get messy?!!! That should be your top priority as a kid. Get messy, check. Play all day long, check. Not have a care in the world, check.
Now, I never remember going as far as eating glue, but I do recall many fun things that I would do with glue to occupy my time while in grade school. I remember making glue warts on my hands. The trick with these was to let the glue harden before it was bumped or touched. That way you could have the utmost satisfaction in peeling the glue off at the end. I remember filling my markers with glue and for one glorious day being able to write with colored glue. Once the day was over, the marker was ruined for good. (Could be why my mom wouldn't buy me the Crayolas.)
I also remember many other wonderful days spent getting messy as a child. I remember riding our bikes to the park after a good rain, taking our shoes off and squishing in the mud. I remember playing all day long in grandpa's barn and coming in at night covered in dust and hay. I remember building wonderful sand cities complete with water in the sandbox. What I don't remember is ever letting a little messy get in my way of having a good time.

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G+D said...

Awww...what a great post! It really takes ya back. Sounds like you had such a fun and gloriously messy childhood! =)