Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who Doesn't Love a Parade?

Nothing says a parade like five sleepy children, one pregnant woman ready to go into labor, and one puking child. (Believe it or not, this is not the puking child.)

Yup, that about sums up my Saturday! We entered a float in a local parade to publicize the preschool I run. As this was our third year, we assumed we would be seasoned veterans.

For example, I learned my lesson last year that making preschoolers walk from the preschool to the float is not a good idea. (But it did make them sit nicely in the float once the parade had started.)

I have also learned to never turn down an extra set of adult hands. The more we can outnumber the kids, the better.

Well, the preschoolers were bopping around the float in the line up giddy with excitement and waiting for the parade to start. By the time we hit the actual route, it was apparent that 1 o'clock is preschool napping time and there would limited waving coming from our float. (I did have one former preschooler, now promoted to kindergarten, who waved like a champ. That is him on the left.)

We made it through the parade and even got back to the preschool. (Not an easy feat with the streets on both sides closed for the parade.) I only had two preschoolers left waiting for their parents. (Interestingly enough these two had just been dropped off at the float sans adult. I thought I had clearly stated that each child be accompanied by an adult. Hmmmm.) I had gotten them some water and Houston, we had a problem. There was one of the preschoolers puking her little guts out. Luckily for me, grandpa swooped in and carried her off to his car. (After she got the carpet and my pants . . . such is the life of a preschool teacher. The picture to the right was taken prior to puking.) After tracking down the other girl's mom and grandma, I could officially call it a day.

At least I could go home a veg out the remaining portion of the day. I found out this morning that one of the moms who HAD accompanied her daughter in the parade went into labor that night and delivered a healthy baby boy. (The picture to the right was taken prior to delivering her fourth child.)

Wow! Who doesn't love a parade?

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