Monday, July 20, 2009

A Welcome Sight

This is the view you are greeted with upon arriving at our home. When M's mother was here to help after Little Peachy was born, she graciously offered to plant some flowers for us on our front porch. She did a wonderful job. (I usually just grab some big plants at Wal-Mart, toss them in the pots with some dirt and call it good. She actually bought individual plants and made arrangements with them in the pots. She even gave consideration to how they would look when they grew. A little thought make s a big difference.) Here they are about two months after planting, still looking great.

I love the fact that our home has a front porch. (Especially since we currently don't have a deck.) Someday I would love to add little window boxes here. We'll see if that day ever comes. When we were first looking at this house, we considered revamping the columns at some point. The builder could have put up a square column, but it looked much the same as the round one and cost hundreds of dollars more. I would love for the porch to have more Craftsman-style pillars as I am not a big fan of the Corinthian look. We have since decided that it probably won't happen, but it was fun to dream about for a while.

And coming soon to our front yard, grass!!!


Shannon said...

Your plants look beautiful!

Kim said...

They look so great! I need to learn how to make our pots look better. Right now, they are kinda blah.