Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CYO: Mop Solution

The star of today's post: Vinegar

I am back and so is my sidekick vinegar. As promised, today's post will detail how I clean my hard floors. (So exciting, I know!)

To begin with, I have my other trusty sidekick, the Dutch Rubber Broom. This is essentially a broom with a rubber head. I also am equipped with two buckets. One is empty. The other has a solution of vinegar and warm water. (I sometimes will also add some Borax to up the ante.) I place several rags into the bucket with the vinegar. Then I wrap the broom head with one of the rags and proceed to mop the floor. Once the rag gets dirty it goes into the empty bucket and another rag is placed on the broom head. (This way you aren't repeatedly dipping a dirty rag/mop into your clean water.) When I have moped all of our floors, I simply pour out the vinegar solution and put the dirty rags into the laundry.

Vinegar's dashing co-star: Dutch Rubber Broom

The dirty rag bucket (Don't judge me for the seemingly uncleanliness of my cleaning buckets. We used them to clean paint brushes and rollers when we painted our home before moving in.)

The clean rag bucket/vinegar solution bucket

I have to admit, I did not come up with this process on my own. You will find this any many more green cleaning ideas in the book "Organic Housekeeping."

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