Friday, July 10, 2009

Singing With the Saints

(Papa and Nana at his 80th birthday party.)

When M and I got married, all of his grandparents were living and only one of my grandfathers was already at our Savior's side. Since then, the Lord has called five of our grandparents home. Most recently, my mother's father received his eternal reward.

Papa was a healthy 82 year old until about a month ago when he had a stroke. It was determined that the stroke was caused by a large tumor in his abdomen. The tumor had probably been there for years, but started causing many complications after the stroke. Finally his oncologist determined that surgery would not be a possibility and Papa entered hospice care.

I left with Peachy last week Thursday to go and see Papa for what would be the last time on this side of eternity. The Papa I saw was not the active and sharp Papa I had known my whole life, but what a blessing to see him and introduce him to his first great-granddaughter. What a blessing also to know that he is now relieved of all earthly discomfort and made whole again in Christ.

While we will miss Papa greatly, we all share the joy of resurrection and we eagerly look ahead to our reunion in heaven.

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Emily said...

So sorry for you and your family. You've run the gamut of life experiences since Peachy was born, haven't you? Thinking of you guys.