Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been focusing on being a mommy. Lately I have been struggling with anxiety and sadness. I have never faced anything like this before and it truly has humbled me. I have been leaning on M and his love and understanding. I am thankful for the help of an understanding doctor who is working with me on overcoming this. I also turn to the Lord for the daily strength I need.

I would greatly appreciate your prayers that I feel more like myself soon.

I will try to post when I feel up to it. In the meantime I will focus on this, a wonderful blessing from the Lord.


Stephanie said...

Each day is a new challenge...but consider every day a new gift from God! How much he must love you to leave that beautiful little soul in your care. I'm praying for some mental relief for you.

Please feel free to call if you'd ever like to chat. I went through much of the same after Eli was born. And definitely learned a new definition for humility and began to understand how much Clayton must really love me.

Anonymous said...

I've struggled with anxiety problems in the past, and I'm convinced they're hormonally-based. My anxiety got worse when I started nursing the baby less, and it also was difficult for a while after I weaned my baby.

Bach Rescue Remedies (homeopathic herbal pastilles) were very helpful to me, as was Valerian to sleep at night (although Valerian affects the let-down reflex for breastmilk. I learned this the hard way. ;) But if your baby sleeps through the night, then taking a Valerian to help you sleep shouldn't be a problem.)

Of course, the basics such as taking a good multi-vitamin, getting enough sleep and exercise are always helpful, too.

Email me if you'd like to talk, of if you need some other ideas.

You WILL get through this, and it will get better, sooner or later.

~ Emily