Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Expected Delays

I have added a new tool to my supper prep arsenal, the delay setting on the oven. (I know the picture is blurry, but see that check mark at the bottom on the left? That shows me that the delay setting is on.) While it has been at my disposal the entire year we have owned our home, I never made use of it. That is until last week.

M works long days and by the time he walks through the door we are both ready for supper. But with Little Peachy around, supper isn't always ready for us.
Lately, when I get a chance I do my supper prep work in the afternoon. And two days now I have gotten supper ready early except for baking. Then, I just put it in the oven with the delay setting set. When the time is right, the oven turns on and starts baking all by itself! (Technology these days.) I just have to make sure that I am available to get supper out of the oven when it is done.
Obviously, you can't do this super early or with everything. You have to be careful that your supper isn't spoiling while it sits in there. But it has really been nice the two times that I have done it.

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