Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Nursing Station

This chair is where I spend a large portion of my day. I like to refer to it as the "Nursing Station." When nursing a baby, it is not always easy to hop up and get what you need without interrupting the baby. Therefore I have found it necessary to keep it all within easy reach. Care to know what "it all" entails? I thought so!

1. The laptop: How else could I keep up on my blog writing, blog reading, and Facebooking?
2. The remote control: For my Today Show viewing pleasure.
3. My cell phone and Bluetooth: Easy hands-free talking.
4. Magazines and books: When I need a technology break.
5. Afghan: For those chilly days and nights.
6. The chair: Nice and comfortable.
7. The ottoman: For getting the right position.
8. A pillow: For some added back support.
9. A pacifier: For mouth plugging purposes when nursing is done and a nap has begun.
10. A burp cloth: You know why.
11. A lamp: To shed some light on the matter.
12. A water bottle: Must stay properly hydrated.
13. Lotion: You never know when dry skin may strike.
14. Boppy: Such a good nursing companion.


Kevin said...

So that is what life was like on "Little House on the Prairie"!

Shannon said...

I like your set up, Im taking notes for when I set up my own nursing station!