Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Baby Condo

Little Peachy is still living in our closet. She has been doing really well sleeping through the night and I thought that we could move her to her own room. Unfortunately that has ended. So, in the closet she stays. (Maybe she doesn't want to move downstairs and is changing her sleep habits to prolong her time in the closet. And she really does seem to enjoy the decor, rows of colorful clothes.)
*Here is the latest addition. Babies come with lots of stuff. Lots of small stuff. This stuff was starting to overtake the closet in the form of a big, disorganized mess. Enter the shoe organizer. Now all of the little stuff has a cute little place to live. This may even make the move down to her room when we put her in there. It is so nice to have everything in all of the little see-through compartments.
*Here is the diaper pail. (Hey, if you're going to have a diaper pail in your closet, this is the way to go. Sleek, stylish, and no stink.)
*Here is her current wardrobe. (Actually I have since switched out many of the 0-3 months for her 3-6 month stash. The 0-3 were getting a bit small. The 3-6 are still a little large, but I have no fear that she will be growing into them soon.)

*Here is her deluxe bed/changing table, aka, the Pack and Play. It is handy having it all in one. That way we have a nice place to change her without having to add more furniture. Currently she is still in the bassinet feature. (This makes her sleeping area higher.) I am going to keep her up there as long as possible as it makes for easier transitions in and out.

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Emily said...

Love that peachy's camping out in your closet! So cute.