Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Room for New Little One

Since it takes a baby over nine months to grow and mature before it is ready to live outside of the womb, why should it take any less time to prepare their room? And, if their room is all ready to welcome them, shouldn't they come out to see it? Some deep thoughts for you on this Tuesday morning.

My parents were here this past weekend and brought with them the finishing touch for the nursery, a beautiful, hand crafted crib. (When we first told them that we were expecting, my dad asked if he could make the crib for us. Who could say no to something like that? And with kit in hand, he created an heirloom sure to last generations in our family.)
Something so special and lovingly made deserves another shot, don't you think?

And with the crib in place, the remainder of our nursery fell into place as well. Here is the closet all stocked and ready for baby. (Look at all of that yellow and green!! You would think that I root for THAT team, but I don't.)

And the curtains that I thought were crossed off of the to-do list so long ago, but took several tries to get just right. Ah, it is good to have them done. (Oh wait, I still have to finish the tie backs. Well, someday . . .)

And the corner with the crate/shelves and dresser/changing table.

Now all we need is the baby, right?

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Smith Family said...

K&M-The crib is beautiful.(Not that I'd expect anything less from your Dad.) What a perfect little room you have. Can't wait to meet your bundle of joy. xo