Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Champion

Aw, so cute.

Oh, so innocent.

What a doll!

That is until she decides it is time to participate in projectile pooping. Who knew she could have such force behind her poop? I really think that we may have a champion on our hands. What proud parents we will be.


Rachel said...

Ha! I remember the first time Madison did that. Yuck. She was much older though. So much to be proud of!

Emily said...

Lol. I'm going to just think of her as innocent and sweet and leave the projectile pooping to you :). So funny!

Stacy said...

I'll check into if there are any camps you can send her to this summer!

Taryn said...

So cute! (But yeah- I'm with Emily- I'll leave the projectile pooping to you! = ) )