Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nesting Part I

I wasn't sure if I bought into the whole "nesting" concept before I was in the final months of my pregnancy. However, looking at what we have all accomplished on the house recently, I would say there is some truth to thought. Some of these changes were needed to accommodate the baby, but it is sure nice to have the house shaping up because of it.

I had some additional plans for the downstairs living room once the craft area was completed. It is still a work in progress, but it is starting to shape up. We moved the two twin beds from the downstairs bedrooms into the corner to make a daybed area. (The futon was moved into the office as a double bed for guests.) I made fitted covers and dust ruffles for the beds and will be covering some pillows to make the beds more "daybed-ish." (The two pillows that are already on the beds are from Hobby Lobby. They were in the 90 percent off section and I couldn't resist.)

We painted above the knee wall the same green as the craft area. The plan is to decorate this area with all of my shabby chic items. I have always liked this style and have accumulated quite a stash of decorating objects. We hadn't really found a spot for any of it in the new house, so, I figured that this would be the perfect room for it. (That way it isn't too girly all over the house.) So far I have just gotten everything out that could work down there. I will have to decide what I want out and what should be put away. All of it would be a bit much. (You can see some of it on the ledge.) I will have to post more pictures as it comes together.
I also am still working on wading through all of the stuff that we own and don't really need that is being stored downstairs. I took a large load to the thrift store yesterday. It feels so good to cleanse our life of unnecessary stuff. I could go on with this subject, but perhaps I will save that for another post.

Up next, the master bedroom.

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Anonymous said...

But where's the clock that served so well as a dart board? It's looking more and more homey!