Saturday, May 16, 2009

Little Peachy's Birth Story

Sorry about the length of this post. I know not all of you will be interested in Little Peachy's birth story, but here it is for those that are. (This will also help me to preserve the day.) I'll try to spare you any graphic details. ;o)
At my OB appointment on Wednesday, May 6, there was still nothing happening. We discussed induction options and decided we would wait until two weeks past the due date. I had to mentally set myself up for another 2 1/2 weeks of pregnancy.
Until this point I hadn't felt anything that I thought was a contraction. Not even Braxton Hicks, or false labor. However, Thursday evening I happily reported to M that I had started to feel contractions. Nothing too serious at this point, but anything was welcome. (Hmmm, I should have kept that thought in mind.)
I woke up on Friday morning and was still having consistent contractions, but nothing regular and nothing strong enough to slow me down. That afternoon they started to get stronger and more regular. I was starting to have to breath through them and found focusing on anything else difficult.
They continued throughout the evening, getting stronger and closer together and we decided it would be a good idea to start timing them. (We found this awesome website that keeps track of how long and how far apart the contractions are with the tap of a button. Very convenient.) We called into the birthing center and they suggested that we try a few things before coming in. Around midnight, we packed up the car and headed to the hospital.
The triage nurse assessed me and I was dilated a whomping 1 cm. Progress from Wednesday, but not enough. They had me walk the halls for a while, but nothing progressed and we were sent home at 2 a.m.
The contractions continued throughout the night and throughout the day on Saturday. I made another desperate call to the birthing center. The sleepless nights and lack of appetite were really starting to wear me down. They suggested taking a Tylenol PM to get some sleep. M made the late night drug run and at least I was able catch a quick nap between the contractions.
While the contractions were not as close as they were on Friday, I told M that we were going in again and were going to make them do something. (As if I could get them to, but that is just how I felt. I even said that we could handcuff me to the bed until they helped me get the baby out.) As it turned out, we didn't need drastic measures. When we arrived, I was at a 4+ and my cervix was completely thinned out. They were letting me stay!
At this point I was really leery of being able to pull off a natural birth. I just wanted the contractions to stop. So, the epidural man paid a visit and I was one happy customer. It actually made the rest of labor a delivery a happy and fun experience. (Now, I had a really good epidural. I couldn't even feel one of my legs. I was in a happy place.)
My delivery nurse was awesome. She had given birth to her first daughter 19 years ago on Mother's Day and even stayed past her shift to see Little Peachy being born.
When I was fully dilated, it took less than an hour of pushing for our little bundle to come out. The nurses and doctor were excited that we didn't know the sex and were all making guesses as to what they thought it might be. The doctor said a boy because he could see a big head. But the nursery nurse had it right when she guessed girl.
M was awesome supporting me and participating throughout the entire process. (He watched the entire time they were giving me the epidural.) He too had to endure the sleepless nights and the long wait. He also made sure that I ate something to keep my energy up.
When they first placed Peachy on my chest, it was the best feeling ever. It felt so weird that this little person had just come from me to be with me. I can still sit and look at her for hours.
And those two and a half days of labor? Totally worth it! This will be the best Mother's Day ever! Priase the Lord for his continuing goodness.
Some interesting facts: Peachy was born on M's grandpa's birthday. M's brother's first born was born on M's other grandpa's birthday. I was born on my father's birthday. All of the great-grandchildren on my mom's side have been born on a holiday.

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And M. was born on Grandpa's birthday, the same as E! We've got a lot of birthday buddies in this family.