Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Toy

I was going to title this post "Our New Baby," but I thought that it would be cruel to lead you on like that. (You're welcome!)

M would love to have a completely stocked workshop at sometime. For now he has to settle for a few power tools and our garage. While the garage is all that he will have while we live in this house, he is currently able to add on to his tool collection. This is the most recent addition. The Porter Cable router that he has been stalking for months now. He ordered it on line along with some accessories. You should have seen him anxiously awaiting its arrival via Fed Ex last Friday.

Unfortunately he hasn't had a chance to make use of it yet as the coupler (I think) wasn't working properly and he is waiting for it to be replaced. Maybe this Friday will find him anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

I can't wait to see what he will be able to make now that he has his very own router. (And I bet that his father will be happy to get his router back again.)

The proud papa!


Shannon said...

What an exciting day for you guys :)

Smith Family said...

Boys and toys. Love it.

FireStorm,I'm Molly said...

I would like to see this picture next to the first picture of him and the human baby.