Wednesday, April 8, 2009


April has arrived and ushered in the beginning of spring. Spring has sprung at the Bowl of Cherrys:

Well, maybe I am just trying to spring it in myself:

Oh well, it will be here soon enough. (See the wet marks on the steps? That is melting snow. It must be coming.)

April is also ushering in a few other exciting tidbits.

1) When people ask, "When are you due?" I can say, "Next month!"

2) I will be turning 30 this month!!! (I think that I am okay with that, but I will get back to you.)

3) This is my last month of teaching.

Wow, what a month!


Smith Family said...

YAY! for spring, a baby, 30, and being a full time homemaker. Wonerfulness abounds!!

Sherri @ Design2Shine said...

Sounds like a busy month for you! Had to giggle at showing the snow AFTER the pretty wreath pic.